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David Simon in The Ten Commitments Vitality and enthusiasm are the fruits of a life
A Conversation with Kathleen Norris A Q&A with Christian poet and spiritual writer about her marriage, her writing career, and her struggles with what is sometimes called spiritual sloth or an inability to care.
Andrew Harvey A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Andrew Harvey, writer on the mystical traditions in Christianity, Sufism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, enthusiastic anthologist …
The Other Side of Heaven Lifts up enthusiasm as an energizing and radiant way of life through the story of a Mormon missionary.
A Circle of Friends Robert J. Wicks and Robert M. Hamma on cheerleaders as a model for enthusiastic friends.
Race the Sun A spunky film that celebrates a school teacher's enthusiasm.
Bernard Glassman, Rick Fields in Instructions to the Cook The more time we give, the more time there is.
Ed Wood An idiosyncratic portrait of an oddball whose enthusiasm for making movies is endearing.
Brenda Shoshanna in The Anger Diet Burnout is unacknowledged anger
The Rising Place Salutes an interracial friendship between two Southern women and the ways in which enthusiasm can be a life-saving gift in tough times.