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Dainin Katagiri in Each Moment Is the Universe Making inspiration alive in your life
A Conversation with Kathleen Norris A Q&A with Christian poet and spiritual writer about her marriage, her writing career, and her struggles with what is sometimes called spiritual sloth or an inability to care.
Kay Redfield Jamison in Exuberance Our minds and our emotions mind nature
Enthusiasm Celebrate life with this intoxicating passion. It adds zest to everything and helps build community. Hold nothing back.
These Are the Words Arthur Green on hitlahavut, moments of ecstasy during Jewish prayer.
Leonardo Boff in Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor Enthusiasm displays the exuberance of life
Leo Tolstoy in Confessions The mission of the artist is clear
The Other Side of Heaven Lifts up enthusiasm as an energizing and radiant way of life through the story of a Mormon missionary.
Howard Thurman in Addicted to Hurry Do what is on fire inside you
Race the Sun A spunky film that celebrates a school teacher's enthusiasm.