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Simone Weil Stephen Plant on Simone Weil's description of grace.
Made for Goodness Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu on exposing the myth of the self-made man and the good things that can blossom out of failure.
Sin Boldly Cathleen Falsani on gracespotting.
Plant Seed, Pull Weed Geri Larkin on learning to lose, and allowing grace.
Why Is God Laughing? Deepak Chopra on letting go and allowing grace.
Thomas A. Keating in Open Mind, Open Heart It only takes a moment for God
Sharon Daloz Parks quoted in Plain Living God is in the prepositions
The Journals of John Cheever Accounts of this creative American author's struggles with alcoholism and his bisexaulaity.
Amazing Grace Examines some of the most daunting and loaded Christian terms.
The Grace in Dying One of the most vivid and illuminating assessments available about what happens to us psychologically and spiritually as we die.