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Bernard Glassman and Rick Fields in Instructions to the Cook There's one story about a monk
Codependence and the Power of Detachment Advocates the power of detachment as an antidote to the addiction to codependence.
The Truce of God A thoughtful Christian meditation on peace and violence.
Buddhist Peacework Essays that march under the banner of engaged Buddhism.
Noble Thoughts/Noble Life Talks about his 8000-mile pilgrimage to promote world peace where he relied on the hospitality of others and learned about his inner self.
Be an Island A valuable collection of essays.
Joshua and the Children A fictional tale that offers an alternative to the demons of bigotry and violence which hold so many commuities in their grip.
Healing Israel/Palestine Raises a wise voice on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
Nonviolent Soldier of Islam Having the discipline, faith, and patience to stand unarmed against injustice and tyranny.
Disarming the Heart A classic work for those who want to be peacemakers in a world of war, violence, revenge, and killing.