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Woman on the Rug A poem by KidSpirit Online contributor Zeeshan Hassan-Andoh.
Dream Animals Explores the great ark of images that these creatures bring into our dreams.
Francis Bacon in The Artist's Way The job of the artist is always
Rabindranath Tagore An in-depth portrait of this Indian poet, philosopher, artist, and educational reformer.
Making History A novel about a Los Angeles family and what they learn.
Death Examines the ways in which different people in cultures around the world deal with this fact of life.
Mystical Paths The fifth in a series of novels about the Church of England.
Angels and Aliens Examines the meanings of accounts by UFO contactees and abductees and then compares them to angelic lore, shamanic encounters and near-death experiences.
Mystical Christianity An intriguing and enlightening interpretation of the fourth gospel.
Mariette In Ecstasy Examines how intense spirituality and mystery can be a threat to institutions.