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The Inner Treasure Will speak to the mystic in you.
Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now Reveals how one tender and tough woman poet found fulfillment.
Psychic Medicine The story of a psychiatrist who integrates her psychic abilities into her practice.
Called by Name Proclaims that each person has a special calling or mission in life.
The Ceremonial Circle Rituals to stop the world and put people in touch with the spirit, the good earth, and others.
The Enneagram and Kabbalah Brings together the cumulative wisdom of two ancient maps of consciousness.
The Enneagram and Spiritual Direction A very helpful resource for spiritual directors.
Beyond the Hero A collection of eight tales from around the world.
The Sorcerer's Crossing Describes her incredible experiences during the 1960s when she learned to achieve a heightened sense of awareness.
Touching the Holy Spiritual exercises which can help us build self-respect.