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How to Be Compassionate A compelling book on cultivating the seeds of love and compassion in our lives, especially for our enemies.
Rejoice and Be Glad Lively and edifying thought of Pope Francis on holiness, saints, the Beatitudes, and being joyful.
An Appeal to the World A glimpse into the Dalai Lama's ethical and moral vision of the human adventure.
Secrets in the Dark Frederick Buechner on the importance of practicing kindness in human life.
After You Believe N. T. Wright on why Christians are called to learn and practice the disciplines of a God-reflecting life.
Confessions A call for holiness to reach for heroism and conscience.
Meditation and Its Practices Swami Adiswarananda's examination of the Hindu devotional practice of japa.
Buddhism An excellent primer on the essentials of Buddhism.
The Clown in the Belfry Frederick Buechner on the importance of kindness.
The Wisdom of Compassion An up-close and personal portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama as he travels the world giving lectures, leading conferences, and meeting people.