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Ralph Waldo Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson on how divine revelation works.
Waking the Buddha Clark Strand on how Soka Gakkai embraces a full range of life's enthusiasms.
Live with Intention Mary Anne Radmacher on noticing that there are divine indicators everywhere.
The Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin on enthusiasm as a form of social courage in our contentious popular culture where everyone is judgmental.
Everyday Dharma Lama Willa Miller on practice, energy, discipline and perseverance to rekindle enthusiasm daily.
The Kabbalah of Envy Rabbi Nilton Bonder on enthusiasm as the antidote to envy.
Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor Leonardo Boff on enthusiasm is having a god within.
Aspire Kevin Hall on those who inspire and encourage as great givers and appreciators.
Exuberance Kay Redfield Jamison with a lively and imaginative treatment of exuberance.
Spirited Men Brian Doyle on William Blake's enthusiasm.
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