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Prayer of the Heart in Christian and Sufi Mysticism Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee on how our Beloved reminds us that we are loved.
Power, Freedom, and Grace Deepak Chopra on listening to the body's wisdom.
Listening Hearts Suzanne Farnham, Joseph Gill, Taylor McLean, and Susan Ward on impediments to discernment.
Discerning God's Will Together Danny Morris and Charles Olsen on how spiritual discernment can be very found in a variety of traditions.
The Language of Life Donald Hall's poem "White Apples" on listening.
Holy Listening Margaret Guenther on the spiritual director's openness to anything the directee may bring.
The Alchemist Paulo Coelho on listening to your heart.
Native Echoes Kent Nerburn on the value of listening to the land.
Inviting God In Rabbi David Aaron on listening for and to revelations.
Earth Medicine Jamie Sams on listening instead of interrupting in Native American culture.