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Centuries of Holiness Richard Valantasis on the importance of including playfulness in structuring a spiritual manner of living.
Song of the Universe W. D. Davies' poem about how much we need to make time for leisure in our life.
A Whole New Mind Daniel H. Pink on laughter as a healing, healthy, and joyful practice that is invading the workplace.
Improv Wisdom The circus clown's bow as a creative way of dealing with mistakes.
99 Things to Do Between Here and Heaven Why most people find skinny-dipping a very pleasant sensation.
Listening to Your Life A reminder that, by the world's standards, Jesus was crazy.
Consider the Butterfly Carol Lynn Pearson on responding playfully and with laughter to the challenges we face.
Healing Beyond the Body Larry Dossey on the watery quality of humor.
The Essential Crazy Wisdom Wes Scoop Nisker on the joys of crazy wisdom.