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CinéSalon: Beyond the Ingénue A film festival with films about girls on the verge of adulthood.
Our Favorite Underdog Films A collection about people -- and a pig! -- facing uphill battles for being different and having unusual dreams.
The Scourge of Unemployment Readings, prayers, and films on the spiritual challenges of unemployment.
2015: The Year of the Social Issue Movie 57 releases in 16 categories that prove films are not just entertainment.
Films About Sisters A picks for the best movies about sisters and all these relationships can encompass.
Films about Journalists A collection of films that reveal the challenges, the benefits, and the importance of a journalism career.
Films Set in India A collection of some of our favorite films about individuals experiencing the challenges and rewards of life in India.
Invisible People Films dealing with homelessness along with a couple of spiritual practices.
Children in Jeopardy A collection of films that depict the plight of children in today's world.
Movies about Native Americans A collection of 20 feature films and documentaries which give insights into Native American history, culture, tradition, and clashes with white America.