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O Lord, Forgive and Give Asking for forgiveness for our imperfection.
Take the "I" Out of Relationships Understanding people you don't like.
An Invitation to Pray A practice for forgiving yourself and others.
Say the Blessings of Jesus Donna Schaper shares her practice of reading John Philip Newell's book Praying the Earth for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.
An Invitation to Pray for Transformation Prayers for yourself help not just you but the whole world.
Repentance and Return to Unity A nightly practice of accountability to achieve the deeper dimensions of tawba.
Achieving a Truly Forgiving Heart A week-long practice for transforming your heart.
Sacred Friendship Reframing how you view those who've hurt you
Every Night Forgiving those who have sinned against you.
Forgiveness Meditation A meditation to practice forgiveness of others, yourself, and those who have hurt or harmed you by Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield.