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Prayer for Dialogue with Greater Religions A supplication of deep respect for all those who seek to know the divine.
Be Easily Awestruck Treat each idea you encounter as if it came from the wellspring of genius.
Earth's Provision Reflections on appreciating the gifts of creation and responding to the damage humans have done to it.
Finishing the Race Recommendations for taking more eco-conscious actions as a way of practicing good citizenship.
Reconnect with Nature Encouragement to spend time in a flower garden and be transformed by the experience.
Hold a Council of All Beings Speak on behalf of all life-forms expressing their concerns.
Spend Time in a Flower Garden Remembering that you are guest in nature's home.
Roadkill Redemption Honoring the body of the departed spirit.
Speaking with Great Reverence Talking with others as if they were the Holy One.
Honoring Yourself and Others Focus on what is worthy.