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Dekalog: Five A sober drama that reveals all life must be respected and that no one deserves to be killed.
The Monuments Men A morally cogent film based on a true story that lifts one's spirits
Spiritual Perspectives on Films for Black History Month Celebrate Black History Month with some of the best films about African-Americans.
Humans A well-written British eight-part series about a suburban family and their interactions with an empathic household robot.
Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde An extraordinary documentary about a cowboy who models the spiritual practice of reverence.
Blackfish A blistering critique of the exploitation of performing orcas in marine parks.
Patagonia Rising A documentary that makes a good case against the building of five large dams in Chile designed to make a profit for European investors.
Earth A top-drawer documentary that provides a perfect occasion for families to celebrate the wonders, diversity, and miracles of nature and animals.
The Beautiful Truth A powerful documentary that offers both a chilling expose of the toxins in our food and an affirmation of a plant-oriented cancer therapy.
Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America A forceful documentary about the first executive director of the Sierra Club who was also a first-rate environmental crusader.