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Reflecting on the Freedom Pledge An opportunity to consider what it means to commit to upholding freedom.
A Seizure of Happiness Mary Oliver's nature mysticism and citizenry with all things.
Seeking Joy in the Jungle Dancing and declaring our way into love, despite the demons.
Aretha Franklin Hits In loving memory of The Queen of Soul.
Birthday of R. Buckminster Fuller Celebrating the visionary possibilities that the work of futurist R. Buckminster Fuller brings alive in us.
Jean-Siméon Chardin's A Lady Taking Tea A simple scene depicting how a modest and lovely moment can refresh us.
Films about Whistleblowers A collection of films that reinvigorate our moral courage.
Hans Holbein The Younger's A Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling Connecting with a portrait of a woman immersed in the world of nature.
Joseph Wood Krutch in The Desert Year In nature, one never really sees a thing
Jamini Roy in The Other Side of the Mountain Everyone who comes to my house brings God