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Divine Therapy & Addiction A salute by the founder of Centering Prayer to the wisdom and healing power of the Twelve Step Method.
Intimacy with God A precise and enlightening overview of Centering Prayer.
Spirituality, Contemplation & Transformation Thomas Keating on practicing devotion through self-surrender and abandonment to God's will.
Spirituality, Contemplation & Transformation A collection of essays by Thomas Keating and others on the transforming aspects of centering prayer.
Open Mind, Open Heart Thomas Keating's opening practices which can extend the effects of centering prayer into everyday life.
Journey to the Center Thomas Keating on repentance as part of the spiritual process of transformation.
Invitation to Love Thomas Keating on the devotional practice of using an active prayer sentence.
Manifesting God An expansion of our limited ideas about God with discussions of grace and centering prayer.
Centering Prayer Experiencing God's presence.
Manifesting God Thomas Keating with a salute to the spiritual practice of peace as the outcome of the contemplative life.