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Hire People Who Are Differently Abled Incitement to actively recruit and retain persons who are differently abled.
Pause Counsel for integrating brief respites into your workday.
Reframe Work Jargon Prompting to evaluate, and perhaps revise, the language we use at work.
Send Holy Emails An invitation to practice loving your neighbors with every email.
Practicing Humility Guidance for being just to ourselves and others through taking our rightful place and space.
Modern-Day Jubilee Recommendations for empowering your community to participate in a time of restitution and renewal.
Support Living Wages A catalyst to respond to the U.S.'s income inequality with democratic values like common good, equality, and justice in mind.
Reduce Your Footprint Provocation to consider your part in pollution and to make the changes that reflect democratic values.
Advocate for Corporate Ethics A call to participate in ensuring corporate moral and social responsibility.
Organize a Service Day Ideas for designing a day to benefit your coworkers and community.