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Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut in Perfume of the Desert Longing is both the anguish
Longing for Compassion An exercise for increasing awareness of our need for compassion.
Thomas a Kempis in The Imitation of Christ Blessed are the ears that
I Can See It Now A cry from the heart to recognize that all loves are love for God.
Listening to A Sermon in Worship Suggestions on how to listen to a sermon from Mars Hill Church.
To a God Who Defines Justice A prayer about the many meanings of justice in our time.
Truth and Falsehood An Islamic prayer about discernment.
After the Words and the Music and the Gathering An entreaty to maintain a commitment to work for justice and peace.
An Incarnation of God An introduction to an unusual and very meaningful religious custom in India.
Look for God in Spilled Soup An invitation to look for God in life's surprises.