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At the Movies Remarks about listening like we're at the movies.
Recast Judgment Try the phrase "...just like me."
Swap Your Worries Worrying about the worries of another.
Practicing Diversity Two prayers, three thoughts to contemplate, and a Buddhist practice to honor the dignity of differences and pave the way to a genuine feeling of unity with others.
The Fundamentalist as "Other" Three responses to the question of how we allow are hearts to be "broken open" to those who are closed.
For the Unknown Enemy A reflection on the unknown good in our enemies.
Prayer from an Endangered Species An imagination exercise to rouse empathy and action.
Allow Your Kids to Run the Show Switching roles to gain compassion.
Judging Equally Using the same criteria for others' behavior as for our own.
Compassion Versus Pity Responding to the pain of others.