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What the Mystics Know A teaching story about how to love God, starting with loving a stone.
Meister Eckhart's Book of the Heart A poem by Meister Eckhart
The Calm Center A poem recommending the spiritual practice of embracing strangeness.
Buddhism for Couples Things to contemplate and to do to enrich your intimate relationships.
The Showings of Julian of Norwich Julian of Norwich on how the goodness of God is always on display.
Freeing Yourself from Anxiety Tamar Chansky on savoring the goodness of the moment.
Confucius, The Analects Rodney L. Taylor on goodness as the essential virtue of Confucian thought.
Grace A Catholic perspective on the mysteries and the bounties of a theology of grace.
Choices Lewis B. Smedes on the process of making good decisions, on being a good person, and using imagination in everyday life.
Job and the Mystery of Suffering Richard Rohr on the choice to have faith.