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Divided We Fall An audacious portrait of a working-class couple who become heroes during the Nazi occupation of a small Czech town where they risk everything to hide the Jewish son of their former employer.
The Iron Giant An anti-guns parable about a giant robot and the boy who protects him.
Mystery Men A zany and hilarious comedy about a wannabe band of superheroes.
Mighty Joe Young A family film about the heroics of a gorilla trying to stay alive in the face of human greed and violence.
Armageddon A few daring antiheroes who have nothing to lose prove themselves up to the challenge of saving the world.
Star Trek Generations A superb sci-fi morality play about the vibrancies of love and work.
Excalibur English film director John Boorman's spellbinding dramatization of the Arthurian myth.
Monsters vs Aliens A 3D animated family film that allows us to cheer for a female superhero and her companions.
16 Days of Glory An exciting and involving glimpse of the tragedies and triumphs of the XX111 Olympiad.
Kiss of the Spider Woman Subtle insights into the value of imagination, love, and heroism carried home by the bold and touching performances of William Hurt and Raul Julia.