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If Beale Street Could Talk A masterwork about resilient young love and the challenges faced by blacks in racist America.
The Whistleblower A compelling true story about the transformation of a female Nebraska cop into a heroic whistleblower in Bosnia in 1999.
The Blood Is at the Doorstep An expose of police violence against a mentally ill black man in Milwaukee.
Court An arresting courtroom drama that depicts the divisions in contemporary Indian society.
Grantchester British series about an Anglican clergyman who loves to solve crimes.
Polisse A sizzling French drama about a courageous team in a Parisian Child Protection Unit struggling with the daily deluge of crime and chaos.
La Zona An explosive Mexican drama depicting how the poor are being given the shaft in the class war that is raging around the world as the privileged rich are protected.
Karl Marx City A poignant documentary about round-the-clock surveillance in the German Democratic Republic.
Zootopia A spunky 3-D animated film about a bunny whose life is energized by big dreams and rock-solid optimism.
No Last of a trilogy of films about Chilean politics, told through the story of an ad man using positive images to persuade voters to reject a dictator.