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The Inner Voice of Love Henri J. M. Nouwen on self-care and being in control of your own life.
An Infinity of Little Hours A sensitive portrait of five young men who want to become Carthusian monks and the challenges they face over a five-year period.
The Clouds Should Know Me by Now An alluring anthology that brings together the work of 14 Chinese Buddhist poet monks.
Stations of the Cross A collection of theological pieces based on her visit to seven countries.
Fifty Days of Solitude Charts the result of an experiment where silence enables the author to see herself more clearly.
Wilderness Time Counsels us to create oases in our lives to commune with God in devotion and silence.
At the Fountain of Elijah Delineates the key themes of Carmelite spirituality as allegiance to Christ, the undivided heart, openness to Scripture and the sense of silence and solitude.
The Sound of Listening The author's experiences during a nine-day retreat in which he replenished his soul.
Thoughts in Solitude A spiritual classic about the gifts of solitude for dialoguing with God.
Voices in Silence Draws a bead on the individuals who have devoted themselves to prayer, solitude, and service.