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The Olympic Odyssey The Olympic Odyssey: Rekindling the True Spirit of the Great Games by Phil Cousineau offers a spiritually edifying overview of this epic pageant and its meaning in our lives and times.
Love and Basketball Reveals in appealing ways just how important friendship is in romantic relationships.
Remember the Titans Triumphs on and off the field for a Virginia high school football team as their black coach and a white assistant coach show them a way out of racial hatred and bigotry.
Girlfight A coming-of-age drama about a Latina who finds a constructive way to channel her aggressiveness and anger in the sport of boxing.
Without Limits Offers plenty of interesting insights into the beauty, the poetry, the drama and the science of athletic competition.
The athlete who seeks to combine the spiritual resources The athlete who seeks to combine the spiritual resources
American Flyers Offers a thrilling and positive portrait of cross-country biking.
Pumping Iron II: The Women An entertaining and thought provoking survey of a sport at the crossroads.
Personal Best A robust and adventuresome portrait of Olympic grade women athletes.
Remembering O-Sensei Pays tribute to this Japanese teacher, founder of a martial art that is both spiritual and nonviolent.