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Leadership in Turbulent Times An example of a leadership strategy used by President Abraham Lincoln.
The Painted Word A collection of strange and marvelous words and their meanings.
The Mindful Writer A Buddhist perspective delineating the challenges and rewards of being a writer.
Create Your Personal Sacred Text A spiritual practice that makes the most of the wisdom of the ages.
Words I Wish I Wrote Quotations and aha! passages that have stirred the author's soul and imagination.
Stranger Than Fiction Screenplay for the comedy about the spiritual transformation of an IRS clerk.
The Right to Write Vividly conveys her enthusiasm for writing in this helpful manual.
The Artist's Way Advice that will help you keep active and fit on the royal road of imaginative endeavors.
Flannery O'Connor Salutes the career of this Catholic novelist, short story writer, and religious thinker.
The Nine Muses A playful sourcebook on mythology and the Sacred Feminine.