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A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies What registers strongly is this American director's enthusiasm for the medium.
Sam Keen in Inward Bound The world is eaten up by boredom
Say Amen, Somebody Presents an inspiring tribute to gospel music and to black men and women who have given it their special service and enthusiasm.
Theodore Roosevelt in Exuberance It is not the critic who counts
Guinevere A thematically rich exploration of a May-December relationship.
Second Wind Bill Thomas on enthusiastically exploring the undiscovered country of aging.
Judy Berlin Charts the extraordinary events in the lives of a handful of residents of a suburban Long Island town on an ordinary day.
Exuberance Kay Redfield Jamison with a lively and imaginative treatment of exuberance.
Against the Ropes A rousing drama about a female manager whose gift of enthusiasm to a young boxer animates him to become all he was meant to be.
The Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin on enthusiasm as a form of social courage in our contentious popular culture where everyone is judgmental.