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At the Edge of Our Longing James Conlon on grace happening when we realize the profound connection between our aspirations for life and the concrete requirements for living.
Streams of Grace The Abbe of Tourville on holding firm to an unassuming simplicity.
Creating a Life with God Daniel Wolpert's experience in India that enabled him to appreciate the miracle of grace.
Messages from Amma Amma, the hugging saint, shares her thoughts on grace (book edited by Janine Canan).
We Walk the Path Together Brian Pierce on learning to practice God's presence.
The Wet Engine Brian Doyle on how touching his son affirms grace.
The Great Mysteries Andrew M. Greeley on signs of grace.
Windows Andrew M. Greeley's prayer about grace.
The Active Life Parker J. Palmer on right action in a world of grace.
A Pretty Good Person On how grace enters any situation we walk into.