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Practicing Spirituality with Animals An opportunity for deeper encounters with the animals in your life as spiritual teachers.
Practicing Spirituality at Work Ideas to foster the inner work necessary to make your outer work more meaningful.
Practicing Spirituality with Anglicans Thought-provoking quotes and practices from Episcopalian preachers, teachers, and spiritual directors.
Can I Get Continuing Education Hours for an E-Course or Online Retreat? Guidelines for members of APC and NACP for claiming CEHs.
What Are the E-Course Practice Suggestions? An explanation of the types of practices we teach and recommend.
Spirituality & Practice Birthday Celebration Three gifts for our 16th birthday!
Spirituality & Practice Website Redesign Benefits Benefits for the Spirituality & Practice Redesign Fund – Replays and transcript are available now with donation.
Defusing Anger Ways to understand and work with your own and other people's anger.
Practicing Spirituality during Illness Tools to help identify and apply the gifts of illness — for those who are sick and caregivers.
Discussion Guidelines for an S&P Practice Circle and Practice Group Time-tested ways to make the Practice Circle/Practice Group experience meaningful for the most people.