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Manifesting God Thomas Keating with a salute to the spiritual practice of peace as the outcome of the contemplative life.
The Better Part Thomas Keating on reducing negativity through the devotion of contemplative prayer.
The Transformation of Suffering Thomas Keating on God not taking away all of our difficulties.
The Kingdom of God Is Like... Thomas Keating on the presence of God and being present.
The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living Spiritual nourishment for those looking to deepen their devotional life.
The Transformation of Suffering A Christian reading of the terrorist attacks of September 11.
Finding Grace at the Center Basics of this Christian practice of silent prayer.
The Better Part A helpful description of what takes place in contemplative prayer.
The Human Condition The author's Harold W. Wit Lectures at Harvard Univeristy Divinity School covering self-knowledge and the unconditional love of God.
Journey to the Center A challenge to move beyond the programs for happiness promoted by our false self and the warps of our culture.