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The Body A diverse array of material on how the body is a carrier of deep psychological insights and spiritual meanings.
The Body The explosive mix of faith, passion, and politics in Jerusalem through the story of an archaeological dig that casts doubts on the resurrection of Christ.
Return to the Body The first step on a spiritual path today is a return to a sense of one's own body. — Martha Heyneman
Bathing the Body There is a long and rich tradition of spiritual bathing in all the world's wisdom traditions. Bathing becomes a devotional act when we combine water, prayer, and ritual with the intention of sheddin…
Stilling the Body A prayer for peace and protection in the Lord.
Body Intelligence What energy is and how to make the best use of it.
Meditation for the Body Focusing awareness on your body parts.
Body Work A compelling and imaginative work calling us to take seriously the Divine Presence within our bodies.
Body Guards A beautifully photographed volume filled with descriptions of the protective powers associated with certain religious objects, rocks, plants, and animals.
Body Guards Desmond Morris on the meanings and definitions of body guards.