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Finding What You Didn't Lose Wise counsel and imaginative exercises for potential poets.
Poetic Medicine Does a fine job explaining the basics of poem-making as part of the spiritual practice of writing.
Listening: Poetry
Blue Pastures A collection that reveals the poet's deep respect for the natural world.
Meister Eckhart An imaginative resource that reveals how the 13th century mystic still stirs up our consciences and our consciousness with spirit and spunk.
When True Simplicity Is Gained A call to cherish and explore the vibrant simplicities of faith, grace, and community.
Plain Living A soul-satisfying collection of quotations from the tradition that emphasizes silence, peacemaking, and conscience.
The Soul of Creativity Proclaims this gift of God as the birthright of everyone.
Gulliver's Travels A richly developed and well-produced screen adaptation of Jonanthan Swift's satirical 1726 novel.
Meister Eckhart Day Mystical meanings at the core of reality from the fourteenth century Dominican priest and theologian.