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Remembering Well Thoughtful resource on planning funeral and memorial services.
Forces of Nature Relationships are always leaps of faith requiring only a courageous heart and a commitment to the beloved that goes beyond either rhyme or reason.
Pilgrim Heart Demonstrates the value of an open and receptive heart -- especially in the face of the unfamiliar and the unexpected.
The Biggest Puddle in the World A three-day downpour leads two young children to explore where water comes from and where it goes.
Small, Beautifully Moving Parts An intimate and well-acted drama about the technological tools in our lives and the quest of a young pregnant woman to reconcile with her long estranged mother.
The Holy Intimacy of Strangers Explores the spiritual practice of hospitality and unspools it as a way to neutralize our natural tendency to rush to judgment.
The Substance of Fire Suggests that there is no family wound that cannot be healed by love and forgiveness.
The Hero's Journey A festive tribute to the this seminal spiritual teacher.
Ragtime A robust screen adaptation of Doctorow's novel about class warfare, social change, and the gap between the rich and the poor.
Hidden City A beautifully illustrated collection of poems pointing out how much nature is found in a city.