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Almost Famous An endearing coming-of-age drama that conveys the important role rock music has played in the lives of youth by helping pull them through one of the most confusing stages of life.
Each of us is part and parcel of the Divine Each of us is part and parcel of the Divine
Thrift The philosophy and advice of John Wesley, founder on Methodism, on good stewardship of money.
Isadora A poignant and powerful film vividly conveying the whirlwind existence of this free spirit who was a true original.
The Life and Teachings of Hillel A summing up of the teachings of a revered Jewish sage.
The Market as God A look at how the celebration of Christmas is changing as The Market co-opts its symbols.
Be at Ease with Yourself Finding yourself a model of serenity.
Owning Your Own Shadow A look at what happens when we don't take responsibility for our shadow side.
My Wife Is an Actress A diverting French romantic comedy about the difficulties of being married to a celebrity.
Faithless A sober drama written by Ingmar Bergman and directed by Liv Ullmann about the ethical impact of an act of adultery on the lives of five people.