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Bradford and Hillary Keeney A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Bradford and Hillary Keeney, co-founders of the Sacred Ecstatics Guild.
Climbing the Rope to God Bradford Keeney's vision on the meaning and use of a spiritual password.
Climbing the Rope to God A spiritual rollercoaster ride through six months of visionary dreams.
Sacred Ecstatics An exercise for learning how to handle spiritual fire.
Sacred Ecstatics A revved up and revelatory account of a variety of ecstatic divine-filled experiences.
Way of the Bushman A spiritually stimulating overview of the key insights and practices of one of the oldest cultures on earth.
Way of the Bushman An introduction to the ecstatic, full-bodied experience of the Bushmen.
Seiki Jutsu An enthusiastic overview on the history, basic ideas, and daily practices of an energy practice that can transform your life.
Seiki Jutsu Bradford and Hillary Keeney's ritual for welcoming seiki into your life.
Circular Therapeutics Presentation of a new heart-based style of therapy using creativity, improvisation and play.