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Unbelievable Ways of reshaping and renewing twenty-first century Christianity
Unbelievable Bishop Spong's reframing of the mission of the Christian church.
Jesus for the Non-Religious John Shelby Spong with a lament to Jesus as a believer in exile.
The Fourth Gospel The controversial Bishop's interpretations of the Gospel of John which was used to silence heretics during the Inquisition.
The Fourth Gospel John Shelby Spong on how the Fourth Gospel cries out to be lived.
Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World A revised tour of the Bible for those who are spiritual but not religious.
Eternal Life John Shelby Spong's explanation of God as expanded consciousness.
Eternal Life A masterful meditation on God, religion, human consciousness, death, and eternity.
Jesus for the Non-Religious Proclaims Jesus as the breaker of tribal boundaries, of prejudices and stereotypes, and of religious enclaves.
The Sins of Scripture John Shelby Spong on the shadow side of Christianity's understanding of women and homosexuality.