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Just Help A cheerful book emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts.
The Witch at the Forest’s Edge Connections to the spiritual-natural world for witches and anyone else.
The Art of Solitude A beautiful resource for quietness and solitude as a practice.
The Unwinding A collection of short vignettes rich with images, meant to ease the soul.
River of Offerings A beautifully written and photographed account of the importance of the sacred Ganges River in South Asian devotional life.
A More Perfect Union An exploration of the power of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s moral vision to heal U.S. divides today.
Justice Is ... Scenes from the lives of those who embody the spiritual practice of justice.
Have Hope A daybook of inspirational quotes matched to events and mentors who demonstrate reasons to have hope.
Heart Medicine Skills and practices to find freedom from traumatic pain.
Why Can't Church Be More Like an AA Meeting? Overview of the history and distinct ethos of 12-Step recovery fellowships