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Downsizing A dramedy about an ordinary man given the choice to become a bodhisattva.
Nebraska A spiritual film about a son who takes his irritable dad on the road and in the process opens himself to truly honoring the old man.
The Descendants A masterful and emotionally rich movie about the grief of parting and the agony of separation.
Sideways A buddy movie that is a delight from start to finish: it offers a round-trip ticket to the rewards of friendship and the follies and frustrations of middle-age.
About Schmidt An American masterpiece about the quest of a sixty-six-year-old man to pick up the pieces of his disappointing life and to discover some new sources of love and meaning.
Election A full-fledged critique of the moral emptiness of the archetypal ugly American-those driven go-getters who hurt other people.
Citizen Ruth A bold drama about the dangers of zealotry.
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