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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Explores sexual politics in many winning and funny ways and proves that equanimity in a man is a great aphrodisiac.
Grumpy Old Men Features two old men who are challenged to savor life's pleasures and end their feud.
Bly and Woodman on Men and Women The perfect catalyst for soul-making by couples or individuals.
Cocoon: The Return Revolves around a group of older Americans who face important choices which will determine their destinies.
Mystic Pizza A wacky and wonderful movie about three youg women friends and their misadventures with love and sex.
Rocket Gibraltar An unusual, worthwhile, and emotionally affecting film.
Mother Teresa An extraordinary documentary.
The Dollmaker Offers viewers an opportunity to clarify their own definition of the good life, to explore family matters, to examine the contrasts between country and city living, and to discuss some of the challeng…
Fort Apache, The Bronx A portrait of the men in blue as neither Galahads nor roughnecks but as ordinary human beings who try to cope in a pressure-cooker.
Resurrection An extraordinary film about a healer and the power of love.