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The Importance of Being Foolish A challenge to live like Jesus instead of succumbing to the standards of the world.
The Importance of Being Foolish Challenges Christians to give up reliance upon security, pleasure, and power and to live like Jesus instead.
All Is Grace Brennan Manning on how God loves you as you are, not as you should be.
The Furious Longing of God A celebration of the love of God and the gift of grace in Christianity.
A Glimpse of Jesus A good case against self-hatred, the troublesome and widespread obstacle to spiritual growth and maturity.
Patched Together A parabolic story about Willie Juan, a young boy who grows up to be a successful musician, and his encounter with the Man of Sorrows and the amazing grace of God.
A Glimpse of Jesus Brennan Manning on Jesus and his pleasure and approval in us as an added ingredient of the Christian faith.
The Furious Longing of God Brennan Manning's revolutionary thinking that God loves us as we are.
All Is Grace The story of the author's life as a zigzagging spiritual adventure animated by the grace of God.