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A Book of Uncommon Prayer A prayer about frustration with politicians.
A Sense of Wonder Pico Iyer on how spiritual retreat houses offer solace.
A Sense of Wonder A collection of 37 essays, stories, and reflections that show us how everyday spirituality serves as a seedbed for wonder.
A Book of Uncommon Prayer Spunky, lyrical, and snappy informal prayers by one of the most imaginative souls in Christendom.
The Thorny Grace of It All Forty terse essays on the little things to love about Catholicism.
Grace Notes Brian Doyle on the many different shades and meanings of silence.
Grace Notes 37 stories by a gifted writer offering fresh approaches to everyday spirituality where wonder, imagination, and joy thrive.
The Wet Engine Salutes stories, prayers, love, and service.
Spirited Men A collection of uplifting essays in tribute to some very creative and unusual artists.
The Thorny Grace of It All Brian Doyle on why confession is good for the soul.