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Someone, Somewhere (Deux moi) An enchanting French romantic drama about synchronicity.
Back to Burgundy An appealing blend of picturesque scenes and an engaging examination of siblings struggling to run a French vineyard.
Chinese Puzzle A delightful French film about a writer, his many female friends and lovers, his adventures in Manhattan, and his yen for being a good father.
My Piece of the Pie A clever and thought-provoking French comedy about two people who are thrown together: a working-class single parent and a high-finance superstar.
Paris A visual valentine to Paris and an enchanting dramady about a group of strangers whose lives mysteriously interconnect.
Russian Dolls A 30-year-old French writer's struggles with the challenges of work and love in his fast-paced and fragmented urban life.
L'Auberge Espagnole A captivating French film about an industrious young man's experiences abroad in Barcelona and his recognition of his various selves and his unity with others.
When the Cat's Away An irresistibly charming film about the magical and surprising ways in which community is created in large cities.