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The Beginning and Ending Encouragement for ritualizing the beginning and ending of your day.
Writing Your Story Guidance for turning inward and gaining strength from reflecting on your life.
Meditating on Difference Holding a meditation and conversation about the stereotypes and messages that impact us.
Forming Community Preparing for community service by seeing local places through others' eyes.
Cultivating Appreciation of Religious Pluralism Discussing diverse scriptural passages and applying their meaning to today's problems.
Preparing for Interfaith Celebration How to get ready to attend a worship service or celebration with someone of a different faith background.
Embracing Diversity with Food Suggestions for a cross-cultural feast.
The Spiritual Activist Claudia Horwitz on how spiritual practice brings us into the fullness of the here and the now.
The Spiritual Activist A satisfying blend of contemplation and social action, packed with exercises, projects, and resources.