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Redbelt A riveting drama where the ethics and rigorous idealism of a gifted Jiu-Jitsu teacher are challenged
Spartan A cautionary tale that will appeal to those who have had enough of the unreality concocted by Washington handlers and political power players.
Heist A caper film, filled with snappy dialogue, that reveals the importance of always having a backup plan and being loyal to your friends.
State and Main An acerbic comedy by David Mamet set in a small New England town where some ethically challenged filmmakers are shooting a movie about the search for purity.
The Winslow Boy An thought-provoking and ethically charged tour de force based on Terence Rattigan's 1946 play.
The Spanish Prisoner An inventive, snappy, and brilliantly acted thriller about ethics in the workplace.
Oleanna Zeroes in on the lust for power that lies behind the confrontations waged in the name of gender, class, age, and political correctness.
Homicide An ethical exploration by Davd Mamet looking at the meaning of integrity.
Things Change A gangster fable about keeping one's word, written and directed by Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet.
House of Games A top-notch psychological thriller about sexual politics, trust, and betrayal.