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India Diana Eck on why India's perpetual pilgrims are beyond getting and keeping that typifies earthly life.
India A spellbinding survey of India's sacred landscape and the pilgrims who frequent these places and spaces.
A New Religious America Diana L. Eck on creating a global enunciation of principles.
A New Religious America A watershed work mapping the changes in the soulscape of this nation, the challenges stemming from diversity, and the usefulness of the activities of the interfaith movement.
Darsan Diana L. Eck on the Hindu devotion of darsan.
Encountering God Diana Eck calling for a basic knowledge of the world's religions as a sacred duty.
Encountering God The author's encounters with people of other religions that have challenged and enriched her Christian faith.
Darsan A brief but poignant overview of the importance of this spiritual practice in India.