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The Human Age Diane Ackerman on inhabiting both the real and the virtual worlds with presence.
The Human Age An optimistic picture of the future where wonder is a major spiritual practice.
One Hundred Names for Love Diane Ackerman on her husband's loss as a wordsmith and extremely playful man.
One Hundred Names for Love A brilliantly written and deeply touching account of a gifted writer who is diagnosed with severe aphasia and the creative and loving response of his wife to this five year ordeal.
Dawn Light A tribute to the many forms of silence and a description of a Balinese day of it.
Dawn Light A lively and creative journey through the wonderland of dawn.
The Moon by Whale Light Poetic and illuminating nature writing about bats, penguins, crocodilians, and whales.
The Moon by Whale Light Diane Ackerman on why humans and penguins connect so easily.
Deep Play How deep play aids us in our search for higher consciousness.
Deep Play A dazzling job of delineating the multidimensional aspects of play.