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Prayers for People Who Say They Can’t Pray A collection of prayers that will broaden your perspective on what prayer is and what role it can have in your life.
Grace at Table Donna Schaper on reframing grace for sacred chow.
Grace at Table The value of a gratitude practice before meals.
Living Well While Doing Good Donna Schaper's nine principles on how to live well while doing good.
Sacred Speech Donna Schaper on the art of sacred speech with a passage on receiving and making judgments.
40-Day Journey with Howard Thurman A lively and appreciative introduction to the theology of Howard Thurman.
40-Day Journey with Howard Thurman Howard Thurman on how God takes care of us.
Calmly Plotting the Resurrection Donna Schaper's teaching story on grace.
Grass Roots Gardening A lively collection of essays by a United Church of Christ minister on her passion for gardening and the many lessons she has learned from these spiritual teachers.
Calmly Plotting the Resurrection Edifying views on parables, gardening, servanthood and agape.