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Give Yourself What You Offer Others A prompt to give to yourself so that you can give to others.
Discover Your Delights Counsel on taking time for the things that make your heart happy.
Look in Surprising Places A suggestion to be grateful for and kind to our animal companions.
The Temple of Community A call to treat your neighborhood as sacred.
All That's Needed Is a Change of Heart Inspiration to live with heartfulness.
Give Up Trying A call to the introspection that will help you 'do' rather than 'try.'
Don't Let Fear Stand in Your Way Exhortation to extend kindness beyond our tribe to include all of humanity.
Seek Out a Kindness Angel Advice on the kind of friends we keep.
Take the Risk Encouragement to act on the potential for love, friendship, and communion with another soul.
Kindness is the secret password Kindness is the secret password