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The Kabbalah Reader Menachem Mendel Schneerson on how the current generation is searching for meaning and needs spiritual leaders.
My Life in Jewish Renewal A wild, robust, and creative memoir of a pioneer in interspirituality and one of the founders of Jewish Renewal.
My Life in Jewish Renewal Zalman Schachter-Shalomi on rabbis needing to have a compassion that exceeds the bounds of ego, time, and place.
The Kabbalah Reader A scholarly anthology of ancient and modern commentators on Kabbalah.
The Wisdom of Maimonides A treasure trove of ideas and ideals from the writings of the great Jewish philosopher Maiminides.
The Wisdom of Maimonides Edward Hoffman's story about the kindness of Maimonides.
The Kabbalah Deck Demonstrates how Jewish spiritual and mysttical teachings can enrich our lives.
Visions of Innocence Accounts by adults of the mystical moments they had as children.
Opening the Inner Gates An anthology that applies wisdom from Jewish mysticism to the challenges of contemporary life.