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Pawn Sacrifice A call to speak out against the neglect of those with untreated mental illness.
Blood Diamond An important film which opens our eyes to the bloody brutality of civil war, corporate malfeasance, and the training of child soldiers.
The Last Samurai A remarkable and exquisitely rendered drama that mixes the raw savagery of war with magical moments of Zen peacefulness and spiritual uplift.
Siege An ethical tour de force that demonstrates Zwick's dedication to serious filmmaking.
Courage Under Fire A bold and visionary movie that dare to make the pursuit of truth into a spiritual quest.
Legends of the Fall A grand tale about passion, guilt and grief set in the wilds of Monatana.
Leaving Normal A bittersweet comedy about two hurt women who heal each other after finding a place they can call home.
Glory A fascinating look at the first black regiment to fight in the Civil War.
About Last Night A comedy about singletons, sexual politics, and the emptiness of relationships based only on physical attraction.