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Elizabeth Lesser A profile with bibliographic and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Elizabeth Lesser, writer, retreat leader, and co-founder and senior adviser of Omega Institute.
Real generosity is an unfailing sign of spirituality Real generosity is an unfailing sign of spirituality
The Seeker's Guide Elizabeth Lesser's Ten Laws of Healing
Spiritual Hunger Instructions for contacting your spiritual longing for tranquility and true nourishment.
The Feeling Function The Feeling Function
Take "The Other" to Lunch The practice of taking someone who doesn't agree with you to lunch as a way of meeting divisiveness with spiritual convictions of unity.
Broken Open Posits the need for vision and humility as one faces the woes of the world.
The Adventure Toward the Sacred Talks about her multileveled spiritual journey.
Broken Open Reveals the ways in which suffering, loss, and adversity can yield spiritual teachings for us all.
The Seeker's Guide An excellent guided tour of the spirituality of wholeness for mind, heart, body, and soul.