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Small Surrenders Emilie Griffin on the transformative power of forgiveness.
Wonderful and Dark Is This Road On mysticism as a richly textured path.
Evelyn Underhill Evelyn Underhill on the meaning of faith in everyday mysticism (book edited by Emilie Griffin).
Green Leaves for Later Years Emilie Griffin on how the adventure of living is to relish the unexpected.
Green Leaves for Later Years A 75-year-old Christian's presentation on how faith informs her spiritual journey in her later years.
Small Surrenders Daily Lenten meditations about the minute choices we make to surrender to God's grace.
Wonderful and Dark Is This Road A graceful and playful overview of Christian mysticism.
Wilderness Time Counsels us to create oases in our lives to commune with God in devotion and silence.
Wilderness Time Emilie Griffin on using prayer box contents to remember to pray.
Evelyn Underhill Reveals her special interest in mysticism and the potencies of everyday spirituality.